Summer Art Camps

Summer Art Camps


Dear Parents,

ArtiCulture's 2016 camp schedule will be posted around February 15th. Please stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, you can learn more about our camp program and see last year's schedule on our camp page, in case that's helpful. Many of our specialty camps like Art Car!, Reigning Cats & Dogs, and Art of Food will be back. Camps will run June 13th - September 2nd.

We're excited to announce the schedule when we unveil our new website - which will be able to take payment online for the first time in our history!


ArtiCulture staff


To register (you have options!):

Note: we are closed on the weekends. Registrations must be made by noon the Friday before any given camp. We do not encourage walk-ins the morning of.

Also, camps nearing full or at full will have notes next to them indicating that and/or saying "registration closed".


Camp Information:

We have Half-Day/Full-Day Options for many classes. Each week offers a different subject for camp goers. Curricula include separate programming for morning and afternoon camps. Camps are open to PreK (age 4) through sixth grade unless otherwise indicated, and are listed for the grade students will be entering in Fall 2016. Teen camps are listed at the bottom of the page. Smaller enrollment may dictate combined classes.

To register: call or email us at 612.729.5151 / If emailing, be sure to include your phone number so we can follow up!

Enrollment status: classes are open until otherwise noted.

2016 camp dates will be posted mid-February.


  • For half-day - one snack / For full-day - bag lunch & 2 snacks
  • Snacks/juice box options $ .75 each


Options (times and fees unless otherwise indicated)

(For information on memberships, click here.)

  • Full-day 9 am - 4 pm $260 ($221 members)
  • Half-day AM 9 am - 12 pm $135 ($115 members)
  • Half-day PM 1 pm - 4 pm $135 ($115 members)

Extended Day

  • Before care is 8 - 9 am, $6 per day
  • After care is  4 - 5:30 pm, $8 per day


*2016 Camps will be posted mid-February

2015 Camps with full and half day options:

(More full day only & teen camps further down!) 

June 8-12 Gallery Goers

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Come take a tour looking at different art movements and the famous artists who started them. Learn about their unique creative approaches, and with their techniques, design your own art with a personal flair. 

*Note: St. Paul school district students only able to attend June 10-12 can take the camp at a reduced fee. Full day $156 ($133 members), Half day $$81 ($69). Just let us know when you register.


June 15-19 Building Design

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Planners are constantly thinking of new ways to design spaces where we live, work and play. Let’s think like architects and design our perfect house. Let’s not stop there, how about the perfect city, park or playground! 


June 22-26 Past to Present

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

From cave paintings onward, humans have always had the urge to create. Let’s take a whirlwind art history trip back in time to see works of long ago. By the end of the week we will be carrying lots of art back to the present.


June 29 – July 2 (*4 day camp) Finders Keepers

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Find your personal approach to make something new out of the old. Projects will be innovative using recycled materials in unique and unusual ways - an upcycling trash to treasure arts fest. 

*Tuition: full-day $192 (members $164) / half-day $104 (members $84)


July 6-10 Urban Naturalists

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Projects will be based on learning about native plants and animals that flourish in the city. We will take walks in local park “forests” for observation and collection some of which will be used for creative inspiration. 


July 13-17 Art of the Myth

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Lions, tigers and bears are real, but are fauns, unicorns, and dragons? In this camp class they are! Step into the land of witches and wizards, trolls and fairies and rub shoulders with other exciting mythological creatures. 


July 20-24 If I Had a Hammer

Class options: 2nd-6th grade

And some nails, a drill, screw driver, screws and a few other tools, I could make some really cool art! This week, learning to safely use hand tools and building materials are key to fun and amazing projects. 


July 27-31 Scientific Artist

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Learn about the difference between light and pigment, create sun prints, experiment with various textured clays and more. In this art/science lab students will observe how art and science overlap. 


August 3-7 Art Travelers

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Cultures around the world express themselves through art. Take a trip across the continents and see how others explore creativity in different ways that relate to their own personal societal and culture experiences. 


August 10-14 Creative Multiples

Class options: Only 2nd-6th grade

Printmaking is all about starting with one image and making it multiply. Have fun learning techniques that allow artists to create original art “series”. This type of art enables you to both keep and share your work.


August 17-21 Tall Tales & Short Stories *Update 8/14/15: only afternoon spots available

Class options: Only PreK-1st grade

From pictures to chapter books, everyone loves a good story. Told in many ways – verbally, through the written word and with pictures stories help to define cultures. Have fun creating some tales you want to tell. 


August 24-28 Art Monster

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

This class is all about the third-dimension, and making sculpture is where we’re going. What kind of sculptures are we building? some little, some medium and some installation monstrosities (and a monster or two). 


August 31 – September 4 Artistic Tricks

Class options: PreK-1st grade or 2nd-6th grade

Join the fun and learn how to be an art-trickster. Artists can be great at deception when taking art into the realm of illusion. Tricking our visual senses and perceptions, art can pretend to be something that it isn’t. 


2015 Full-Day Camps


June 15-19 Comic Book Arts & Animation

Grades: 3-6

In this popular camp, students will design their own comics and storylines while working in teams to
make animated claymation shorts. Learn techniques, processes and imaginative tricks used by professionals to show thoughts, feelings and ideas to create fun and imaginative stories.

Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


July 20-24 Art Car!

Grades: 3-6

Be part of ArtiCulture’s Art Car team! We will use a donated car as our canvas for young artists with a vision. Campers will conceptualize and present their ideas for approval and then drive into action to create a mobile masterpiece. Note: The grand finale will be optional participation in the Art Car Parade Saturday, July 25! 

Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


July 27-31 Art of Antiquity

Grades: 3-6

Be an archaeologist for a week and “explore” a dig site. Through the uncovering of artifacts such as vases, bones, tools and much more, figure out if it’s the archaeology of a long lost city, a trading post, or even a royal burial site. Spend mornings at Northern Clay Center “finding” ceramic vessels and structures, while afternoons at ArtiCulture will be for studying designs on cloth fibers, deciphering hieroglyphs and carvings, finding wall paintings or maybe even treasures! Note: contact Northern Clay Center 612.339.8007 to register. 

Tuition: $305 ($295 members)


August 10-14 Reigning Cats and Dogs!  

Grades: 3-6

This ever popular camp is for the young artist and animal lover! Examine a variety of animal species and learn observation and technique to also capture them in motion. We will plan for class visits by various furry, scaly and feathered friends throughout the week and, if possible, for a mid-week day at Como Zoo. Note: No before/aftercare available on zoo day – drop-off and pick-up at Zoo. 

Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


August 10-14 Art of Food

Grades: 3-6

The perfect combination - food as art and art as food! Create “foodworks” at ArtiCulture in the mornings with nonfood art materials. Then spend afternoons at the Soup for You Café kitchen (located at Bethany Lutheran Church) concocting healthy and yummy edibles. Harvesting from the local Peace Garden when possible, ingredients will be chopped, measured, stirred, cooked, baked and of course eaten! 

Tuition: $275 ($234 members)


August 17-21 Theater Production Update 8/14/15: Registration closed

Grades: 2-6

In this action filled camp, students will learn all aspects of what it takes to put on a play, as participants become playwrights, set designers, stagehands and actors. From the beginning of making the story to striking down at the very end, students will see that creative fun and teamwork is what theater is all about. Note: Families, please join us for our end of week debut performance. 

Tuition: $270 ($230 members)



2015 Teen Camps


June 22-26 Design and Innovation

Grades 7 & up

What does it take to be a designer and bring ideas to fruition? Learn to formulate a design “problem” and then ideate through sketches to sort out idea solutions. Students will be guided to originate ideas, selection, creation, and final design presentation. Sustainable design with recycled materials will be encouraged and used as a tool for innovation, creative development and personal artistic interests. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


July 6-10 Comics to Animation

Grades 7 & up

Learn new approaches to comics by using selected imagery to enhance storylines. This class will take a multimedia approach to creating a variety of comic art. Students can choose the most intriguing concepts to focus on, individually or collectively, through drawing, paper or claymation to create a stop-motion animated video. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


July 13-17 Drawing and Painting

Grades 7 & up

We will approach classic drawing and painting exercises in engaging ways to foster creative development and artistic style. Students will enhance abilities by learning technical skills, technique and color concepts. Some projects will be guided by personal interest to build a lasting affinity with the creative process—the act of artmaking. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $265 ($226 members)


July 20-24 Let’s Eat!

Grades 7 & up

Making art, food and eating—what could be better?! Mornings at ArtiCulture we’ll explore art and culture in relation to food and the art of cooking. Afternoons will be spent at the Soup for You Café kitchen (located at Bethany Lutheran Church) to whip up some awesome and savory cuisine. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $288 ($245 members)


July 27-31 Antiquity

Grades 7 & up

In this class, students will explore history and art of ancient cultures. Mornings will be spent at ArtiCulture, learning about and “unearthing” fibers, tools and other artifacts while deciphering hieroglyphs and petroglyphs, Afternoons at Northern Clay Center will focus on recreating ancient vessels, bones and structures. Note: contact Northern Clay Center 612.339.8007 to register. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $305 ($295 members)


August 10-14 Animal Art

Grades 7 & up

This comprehensive camp is for the artistic animal lover! From the inside out students will study diet, habitat, bone and muscle formation to understand animal body structures. Learn techniques to capture live motion observation during class visits from a few animal friends. If possible, we will also plan for a mid-week studio day at Como Zoo. Note: Drop-off and pick-up day at Zoo to be determined. 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuition: $265 ($226 members)