Abbey Kleinert

Daughter of the Wisconsin woods and alumni of the University of Minnesota art department, Abbey Kleinert is a deep thinker and entrepreneurial printmaker  interested in the relationship between visual arts and cultural studies.

Since declaring an art major, Abbey has been striving to be a catalyst of culture by working alongside other creative individuals and by striving to shape an environment for both her creative work and the work of others. She has traveled to South America and around Europe studying language, culture, and visual art. Through her travels and work in the Minneapolis arts community, Abbey uses her artwork as cultural communication, a way to reflect and create an identity in an effort to define herself and also to relate to others.

Her etchings are expressions of her personal culture – scenes based on childhood memories, featuring caricatures of Eastern European Wisconsin and textural indigenous art-inspired prints composed of overlapping sketches of nature and family. Though her work is very personal, it touches on universal themes like the search for self and the human relationship to nature, ancestry, and geography.

In addition to working as a teacher at Articulture in Minneapolis, MN, Abbey is working toward the opening of a new multi-disciplinary print shop and co-op, RECESS PRESS that she formed with a collective of 5 other printmakers. Her award-winning prints have been shown around the United States and abroad in exhibitions that address cultural identity and she hopes to use the print shop as a launching point for bringing visual fine art into culture of every-day life. Recess Press’ latest projects include printing labels for local brewers, album covers for local bands, and putting together a pamphlet composed of work by local creatives.

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