Corilyn Wagner


Corilyn Wagner is a multi-media artist living in Minneapolis. She attended Hamline University (St. Paul, Minnesota), where she first took a life-drawing class and fell in love with mark-marking and the study of the human form. She ultimately graduated with degrees in psychology and art, focusing on printmaking and painting. She also studied art history and film photography at Florence University of the Arts (Florence, Italy). 

Her primary mediums continue to be painting, drawing, printmaking, and film photography. She takes inspiration from the study of the human form, notions of womanhood, and the landscape. More recently, she has started exploring 3D mediums, such as ceramics and textile art, including weaving and textile collage. 

Corilyn works as a teaching artist at various organizations where she aims to facilitate an experience that is joyful and exploratory. Corilyn continues to grow as an artist and teacher, as she believes that the creative process is an opportunity for all of us to make a meaningful connection with the world around us, ourselves, and other people.

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