Art and Brain Development in Children

Involving children in creative art activities goes far beyond just being about “art for art’s sake.” Our

presentations give an overview to parents and educators about how the arts affect children in their everyday

life and enhances their abilities in academic performance. Stages of physical and mental growth—brain

development, effect on fine motor skills, problem solving and creative thinking skills are discussed.

Lectures also focus on how children perceive artistic achievement and how that often differs from an adult

perspective and vision of what is considered successful. The goal our presentations is to have audience

members walk away with useful tools and knowledge that will help them address and enhance children’s

educational and creative experiences and outcomes.


Integrating Art into Curriculum

This workshop, led by Articulture Executive Director Liz Greenbaum, clarifies how arts learning enhances

academic achievement and helps participants explore ways of incorporating arts education into class

curriculum. The pedagogy of allowing students to find their own path through the creative process will

be discussed. Leave with concrete ways to provide your students with quality educational experiences

through the arts.

Interested in having Articulture do a lecture? Please call 612.729.5151, or e-mail info@articulture.org