Community Art and Organizing : How can art be used to enact positive, lasting social change?

Articulture works to bring the arts to communities in influential ways. Through both short- and long-term partnerships, we are able to ensure the arts are accessible to people from all walks of life. We have worked with affordable housing organizations, neighborhood groups, community development nonprofits, theatres, drop-in centers, people with development disabilities, local businesses, Minneapolis schools, libraries, and more. You can read about this work more:

Our community ownership approach to public art projects includes crosscultural, diverse socio-economic and multi-generational experiences. Working alongside professional artists in the creative development of the piece empowers participants to learn about community organizing and philosophy, citizenship, collective decision-making, and the ways art and community organizing can work together to bring about social change, building invaluable self-esteem, confidence and lifelong leadership skills.

Articulture has worked with CommonBond Communities to bring arts programming to affordable housing sites they administer in the Twin Cities. In this setting, the arts engage people who don’t have many opportunities to creatively explore. In the past we’ve partnered with Seward Towers East and West, affordable housing sites that are home to many East African refugees.

Each summer we participate in several community art events, such as Powderhorn Art Fair, Flint Hill International Children’s Festival, Seward King’s Fair, Textile Center, and school events.

To help spread our philosophy and knowledge, we offer educational lectures that teach how involving children in creative art activities goes far beyond just being about “art for art’s sake”. Our presentations give an overview to parents and educators about how the arts affect children in their everyday life and enhances their abilities in academic performance. More information here.

Want to use art in your community program, after-school activity, or other opportunity? Send an email of inquiry to