Public Art Projects

Articulture began doing public art projects in 2009 with a mural right on the side of our very own building. We worked with area teens on that project, and again with teens in 2011 on the Seward Market Community Mural project. Some of the same teens worked on both projects. We started to get the hang of facilitating teen-driving public art and designed a third project in 2013 – the Seward Gateway Sculpture.

Over time, it became a apparent to us that we had the ability to facilitate teens in making significant contributions to their communities through art. Seward, Minneapolis, and Minnesota are amazing places to live and work as artists. There is so much support – both in terms of enthusiasm and financial.

Since the Seward Gateway Sculpture project, we’ve been gradually gathering the right people and funding to create a teen arts council, the Youth Arts Collaborative (YAC).

If you are inspired to support this work, please reach out! Some of the ways we can use help include:

  • Donations – If we’re doing a Kickstarter for a specific project, you’ll know. But in the meanwhile, donations to Articulture help grease the wheels that keep us open and make it possible for us to facilitate public art projects. We know how to make a dollar stretch. Every bit helps!
  • Research – Sometimes that means scouting the city for locations we could put up art, sometimes it means navigating the lines of communication at the City, sometimes it means looking for sponsorship opportunities. This is for motivated, responsible people.
  • Food – The gift of food is a touching way to support young artists making the choice to use their time and talents to contribute to their community. When we’re working on a specific project, regular food donations are amazing. When we’re in planning mode, the budding Teen Arts Council still meets weekly and would be honored to accept food donations.
  • Teen artists – Please let youth in your life know about Articulture and they can get involved. More info is on our Youth Arts Collaborative page.
  • Volunteers – The work is periodic. We don’t do public art projects constantly. But when we do, we need all hands on deck for an amazing array of work. Everything from helping run community events, preparing food donations for youth, supporting communications efforts, hauling supplies, etc etc etc Visit our volunteer page and fill out the application to get on our contact list when we need help. And if you’re excited to be part of Articulture sooner than later, check out the other opportunities we have available for folks who have time and talented to contribute!