Seward Market Reclamation Mural

2011 Seward Market Community Mural

In the wake of the 2010 tragic and fatal shooting at Seward Market, “Seward Stands Together” signs are still visible in windows all around the neighborhood. Articulture secured a grant from COMPAS to facilitate a youth public art project create a mural on the side of Seward Market. Realizing a need to both memorialize the three Somali men who died and to celebrate this diverse community. Our hope was to create a celebratory photography mural to bring together those directly and indirectly affected—giving community members an opportunity to heal while honoring and celebrating the increasingly diverse community in Seward.

During the project (May 31st through July 2011), we posted updates, photos, and opportunities for community support on here on our website, our Facebook page, and the Seward e-democracy forum. We also welcomed thoughts and comments via e-mail at

The Group:

Leading the teen artists in designing the mural are local photographers Jennifer Larson and Mohamud Mumin.

Providing programming/education support and logistics coordination are (respectively): Articulture’s Executive Director, Liz Greenbaum, and Admin Coordinator, Deb Ervin. Recent additions to the team include: TJ Besaw (Graphic Design), Lindsay Saladino (teaching intern), Sasha Zavyalova and Lucy Voller (co-leading a painting subcommittee), Sarah Frances Michaelson & Rachel Nicolay (painting subcommittee support), and Francine Kozel (food coordinator).

The mural artists include: Grace Scribner-O’Pray, Dylan Portoghese, Mary Metchnek, Cayla Roberts, Isaac Mutcherson, Adam Ahmed, Gemma Kozel, Delia Ihinger and Omar Ahmed.

Want info about the project? Email Deb!

Project Timeline:

May 31st – The first workshop in a six week project!
June 13th – The painting group meets for the first time!
July 13th – Community painting from 5-8:30pm / Open House – please stop by!
July 16th – Community painiting from 3-7pm – come for an hour or the entire day!
July 20th – Community painting from 5-8:30pm – everyone welcome to come!
Early Aug. – Aluminum panels with photography colllage installed on Seward Market
August 28th – Community Unveiling Event! 3-5pm at Seward Market

Note: In the event of rain… We’ll still go on with the Unveilng as planned if it’s sprinkling. So bring umbrellas just in case! If it’s really raining we’ll head over to Articulture! (Followed by a puddle jumping party.)


UPDATES…. Check here regularly to find out the latest mural news!

January 7th 2012: Signing Party for Isaac

We held a community unveiling event for the mural in August 2011, but one of the teen artists, Isaac, wasn’t able to attend. He had to leave the day before to head off to his first year of college! Since Isaac hadn’t been able to attend the unveiling, he wasn’t able to sign the mural. This Saturday, 1/7/12, we held a little get together for the core mural people while Isaac was in town on winter break. See sidebar for photos (the ones where everyone is wearing winter coats). NOW the mural is complete!


September 23rd: Trial Coming to a close

Jenny Larson – our mural’s photography teacher – called us last week to ask if we’d been following the murder trial. Jamal Hassan, Seward Market’s Manager, was scheduled to testify. They were showing camera footage of the shooting in the courtroom, and descriptions in the paper were haunting.

So, the trial is coming to a close. The verdict is likely to be announced tomorrow. Here’s one link to the Star Tribune. We’re reflecting here at Articulture about the significance of what we did, and the timeline we did it by relative to this trial. The court ruling will be another measure of closure on what happened, but only one. Our mural provided a very positive opportunity to respond to the tragedy. Right when the shooting happened, Seward held a vigil attended by hundreds. Those are examples of our communities responses. We connect, build relationships, examine the causes and work together to come up with solutions.

We’re sending our love to Seward Market. “Seward Stands Together. No more violence.”


September 13th : Wrap up

The unveiling event was well attended by family members, friends and communities members. (We were also delighted to see some a bit of media coverage on site to share the event with greater Minnesota.) Chaltu Berento of Bedlam Theatre’s youth program, C.R.A.Z.Y. started things off with a powerful spoken word piece about violence in our community (you can see the video here – unfortunately she was drowned out by a plane mid-piece – but you can still hear quite a bit).

Deb Ervin, our project coordinator, shared the project’s history with everyone present and had the delightful job of introducing the mural artists at long last. Everyone was present except for Isaac, who had to leave a few days earlier for college in St. Cloud. On the side bar of our page here, there’s a picture of everyone pulling down the sheets we had covering the panels. (Each young artist approached us before the end of the event to sign on to the next community mural!)

Osmon, from Seward Market, spoke about their appreciation for continued community support a year and a half after the shooting incident. He thanked each of the mural artists, teachers and volunteers individually. Faysal Warfa, the owner, smiled and said the mural was beautiful. Sarah Francis, a teacher leading the painting days, facilitated a group dialogue where everyone present had the opportunity to respond the project and the images depicted on the photography panels.

We’ve been remiss in updating our mural blog since the unveiling. In the weeks that have followed, so many community members have expressed their appreciation for the project – the mural itself, and the community building aspect. The artists, teachers and volunteers have all been riding on wave of pride and joy at having worked together to create this permanent symbol of Seward’s dedication to building strong relationships and bridging cultural divides. We invite you to send in your thoughts on our Facebook page or via email to and we’ll repost them here. We’ll also continue gathering and posting news articles and video clips here.

Articulture is so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve Seward this way. We still feel like like the new kids on the block, so to speak, but have found this neighborhood to be a perfect fit for our organization. We’d like to invite you – anyone! – to contact us with your ideas for future community projects like this. We’d love to continue growing as a creative/social hub for Seward. We thank all the individuals and business who have supported us on this project both directly and in an advisory capacity. What a beautiful mural we created together!


August 25th : Plans for the weekend

This Sunday from 3-5pm we’re looking forward to gathering with our community members outside Seward Market to remember those who were lost during the 2010 shooting, and to celebrate the strength, beauty and diversity of Seward neighborhood. Please bring your friends and family. Expect to be standing – you’re welcome to bring lawn chairs if needed.

At 3:15pm, we’ll call everyone to attention to talk about the project history, introduce the artists, facilitate an artist/community dialogue, and cut the big red ribbon.

In other exciting news… Cynthia Frost from TC Daily Planet has been following our project all summer. She just wrote a really great piece about the project. Take a look at it here!


August 17th: The Panels Are Up!!!

That’s the big news. Go check ’em out!!!

Click ‘attending’ to our Facebook event so we know you know when the community unveiling event is (Sun. 8/28 from 3-5pm). Share the event with your friends.

If you want to volunteer the day of, call/e-mail Deb, project coordinator – 612.729.5151 /


August 11th: Volunteers Needed!

There are still ways for you to be part of this project!

This weekend we’ll be putting up posters and postcards around Seward/West Bank/Longfellow, and need up to a dozen people.
We’ve created an event for the Unveiling on Facebook – please share it with your friends to spread the word!
The day of, we’re going to need help – setting up, photos, welcoming, cleaning up, etc.

If you’d like to do any or all of these, please contact Deb, project coordinator at 612.729.5151 / We have a really great group of artists/friends/volunteers that are excited to include as many people as possible!


August 2nd: Unveiling Date set for 8/28!

Put it in your planners now! Sun. 8/28, from 3-5pm, we’ll be holding a community unveiling event at the Seward Market! More details soon – keep checking back.

Big Print will be putting up the photography panels very soon!!!


July 24th: It’s all coming together!

The weather held out yesterday and we got almost everything finished! Internally, the mural artists are getting together tomorrow for one last day of painting. We’ll be adding a flock of birds to the city, and more details like windows to the city scape, etc.

Meanwhile, Mark at Big Print will begin printing the photos onto the aluminum panels this week. It’s possible we may see the panels up before the end of July. We are SO EXCITED – it’s FINALLY all coming together!

We just posted a ton of photos on our Facebook page. Go check ’em out!


July 23rd : Final Painting Day

The final touches are being put on the wall today. We’re adding more to the city scape, and adding a signature panel (for the unveiling) among other things. The weather is just barely holding out but it looks like we’ll escape rain. As early as next week the photo collage panels will be installed and we’ll have to step back and look to see where – if any – additional painting touches need to go. We’ll try to get more photos up on Facebook early next week. Today we posted additional pictures taken from the Open House by Jennifer Larson.

The painting days have been amazing for us in terms of making personal connections. So many people have come by to help us and talk about the project. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive (not surprisingly). Children have pulled in their parents. We’ve had folks act as interpreters. The gentlemen working at Seward Market know each of the core artists now, and regularly come out to inspect progress and ask questions. We’re going to miss the painting days. Seriously folks, if you want to get to know your neighbors, lead a public art project.

We’re scheduling the date for an unveiling event right now. We’re hoping to have it the last half of August now due to a core member of the group having a family emergency she must respond to. We’re looking at either a Sat. or Sun. on either of the last two weekends of Aug. We should post the exact date by July 29th. Please keep checking back in here so you can attend!


July 21st : Arcstone movie trailer

Thank you to Nick and Dan of Arcstone. Here’s their trailer of the little movie they’re making of the project.


July 14th : What a turnout!

Yesterday our Open House was just fantastic. We had more people than we could have hoped for. Sister’s Camelot parked across the street and kept everyone’s energy up with yummy pizzas and salad. And their giant bus caught the eye of more than a few passers by so we could wrangle even more people into helping us paint.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone wore smiles for the entire two and a half hours we painted. People from all walks of Seward Life stopped by. We did call it early because we made so much rapid progress for the day. Anyone who came after 7:30pm, we apologize if we missed you – please come back on Sat. for the next painting day – or on Wed.

Faysal – the owner of Seward Market – came down to watch for a little bit. His first word was, “Beautiful.” For more photos to see what Faysal saw, visit our Facebook page!

We’ll announce an unveiling event date within a week. In the meantime, please plan on coming out to help paint. This Sat. from 3-7pm is going to be a lot of fun. We hope to see you there!!!


July 13th : This is it!!!

Ok! Today from 5-8:30pm we’re having an Open House and our first community painting day (on site at Seward Market). Sisters’s Camelot will be across the street providing food. Bethany Lutheran has agreed to let us use their restrooms. We’ll have some beverages on hand, too, as well as some spare tshirts on hand for those who want to paint. There’s going to be a slideshow that includes the final photo collage designs, and all the artists will be painting! Please come join us in this important community event! Seward Stands Together!


July 10th : Getting ready

Yesterday, Sat. 7/9, the group got together to start putting things up on the wall – the outline, color indications, etc. For anyone who is worried that they aren’t good enough to paint with us we say two things: First, you are absolutely good enough!!! Second, we’re going to make it fool proof! 😉 So don’t worry. Plan on coming to our Open House on Wed. and one or two of the community painting days. It will be fun and you’ll be so glad you did! There are more photos on our Facebook page, but we threw a few up on the sidebar here, too.

While the teen artists worked outside, TJ and Liz finalized the photo collage layout inside. It’s looking like we’ll be able to have our unveiling the first weekend in August, but keep that on the down low for now. The photos are fantastic. You’re going to love seeing the gems our artists came up with – little pieces of Seward you see every day, but maybe don’t appreciate. Each photo reflects different aspects of Seward, and responds to the question, “What is community?”

Tonight, Lucy and Rachel are going to finish up the sketch on the south end of the wall. If you’re out and about after 6pm, you should take a peak and say hello. This getting exciting!…


July 8th : Challenges

Mark from Big Print, as we’ve mentioned here before, has been an unbelievable gift to this project. He’s going way over and beyond the call of duty to assist us. No one ever imagined how complex from a technical standpoint doing a photography collage would be. Just over the phone this morning, Mark reported, “You know how it is to work with artists? Well the pot is hot over here” (referring to the art department at Big Print, the folks responsible for figuring out how to print five separate collages on five 4’x8′ aluminum panels). “Within one minute they were arguing,” he laughed.

The other amazing hero of our project is TJ Besaw. We’ve mentioned him here before, too. TJ offered to do anything for the project – he just wanted to be involved in doing something positive for the community. He casually mentioned once that he had graphic design experience, and has ended up being responsible for the finalizing the mural layout itself – a really big task. TJ will be at most of the painting days welcoming folks to join the project. He’ll be near the display board with a slideshow, too. You’re going to want to meet this guy!

We are so grateful for the exceptional talent of these two men, and so touched by their commitment to community. We just had to share that part of the story with you.


July 7th : Final Photography Workshop

This afternoon as Deb (our project coordinator) spoke with Jim Welna from Welna II Hardware, she got the sniffles as she explained the teens were assembling for their final workshop. Jim called to offer special locks to secure the borrowed ladders the artists will need to paint Seward Market in the coming weeks. He also explained he had been following the progress online for several weeks, and was thankful for the opportunity to support it.

Tonight, the teens plugged their final photographs into the collage, and planned the unveiling event for early August. As they worked, they ate a delicious meal provided by Shabelle Grocery and Restuarant.

This afternoon, Sisters of Camelot called to say they wanted to support the project at our Open House. They’re bringing the bus over and they’re feeding everyone who stops by to say hello and raise a brush in solidarity!

The outpouring of support is astounding. We’re so excited to open up the project to the community. Everyone is looking forward to painting in the sun, and working side by side with people on this incredible project. Please plan on coming to one of the painting days – especially the Open House. It will kick start the energy for this project, and we promise you’ll be glad you did. 😉 (Wed. 7/13, 5-8:30pm)


July 5th : Final Week for Photography Group

We never in a million years imagined that doing a photography mural would be so complicated! When you’re considering a 4’x8′ panel (or five), high in the air where most of it is above the heads of the average viewer… things get tricky quick. And now that we’re in the final week of the photography portion of the project, we’re working fast and furious to pull everything together.

Fortunately, Mark Heinz at Big Print has been a DREAM COME TRUE to work with on this project, offering creating solutions and freely sharing his years of experience with us. Another dream is TJ Besaw. He got in touch with us about getting involved “in any way” we needed – and also casually mentioned he has graphic design experience. We don’t think TJ expected to be working at the heart of this community project. But it is a PHOTO COLLAGE MURAL, so the nature of the project dicates the need for a certain expertise and familiarity with technology and certain programs. TJ has been fabulous. If you need graphic design help, do give him a call! He comes with good references.

We put more photos up on the side bar, and on Facebook. Over the weekend, the painting group “gridded out” the side of Seward Market by putting dots all over the East Wall. We’ll have our first internal painting day this weekend, and then Wed. the 13th we’re having AN OPEN HOUSE!!! Please join us from 5-8:30pm. There will be food, you can meet the artists, and TJ is putting together a slideshow documenting the process, too. Come say hello, get a sneak peak of the final layout, and help put a few brush strokes of paint on the wall yourself. This will be the first community painting day as well!

Last but not least – a BIG thanks to Seward Pizza Luce and Shabelle’s Grocery & Restaurant for the show of support with amazing food during the final home stretch of workshops. It’s a great way to let our young artists know you care!


June 22nd : Progress…

The painting group had its second workshop Monday night, and we’ve added a new artist to the group – Miss Delia Ihinger! The photography group had its fourth workshop last night. We’ve added photos to the sidebar here, and on our Facebook page. (Are you friends with us, yet?) Word is the two groups are going to be playing with black and white as well as color for painting the wall and the photographs. We’re actually getting really close to finalizing the design layout. If you want a sneak peak before the unveiling event, stop by one of the community painting days – especially the open house on the 13th – and you can see a slideshow of photos, rough drafts, initial sketches of the painting design, etc.

We’re still looking for ladders – if you have one to loan us in July that’s in the 8-10′ range, give Rachel Nicolay a call at 612.703.7711.

Anyone can come out to the painting days – we hope you do! But if you want to get even more involved, we’ll need lots of help to make this happen! Give Deb, our admin assistant, a call or email to find out more – / 612.729.5151


June 16th: Holy Moly!!!

One of the lovely people working on our mural, Rachel Nicolay, mentioned the mural project to her friends at ArcStone – a local web design agency. They were inspired by the story and decided to help support the project by making a 4 minute film documenting the process. We are overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. We’ll definitely be filming at one of the community painting days – probably Wed. 7/13 when we have the open house. You can come out and be in our film! This will be ready in time for the unveiling event, so that’s definitely something to look forward to!

More good news: Seward Cafe signed up to feed our artists for the next workshop. Each week, a different local business has been supporting young artists with a food donation. It’s incredibly sweet, and demonstrates wider community interest to the relatively small group of artists working right now. Come July, we hope to see a huge turnout for the community paiting days and open house. Mark your calendar now! And fyi: we still have two more weeks of workshops, plus three community days that food donations would be appreciate for. Think about it.

Last but not least, we’re still looking for 8-12′ tall ladders. If you have one and would be willing to loan, contact Deb at 612.729.5151 /


June 14th : Community Painting Days

The painting group met for the first time last night. They did some initial sketches, visited the Seward Market to do some visioning, and also scheduled the community painting days!!! Please come out and make your mark. Come for an hour or the entire time – no need to call ahead, unless you have questions. Dress for mess and plan for fun!

Wed. July 13th : 5-8:30pm (We’ll also have an open house this day – you can just come by to meet and greet!)
Sat. July 16th : 3-7pm
Wed. July 20th : 5-8:30pm


June 9th : Painting Group starts Monday!

Here’s some fun insight: the original plan for the project never included painting the wall. We were going to mount a photo collage on the side of Seward Market and that was it. Some time mid-spring, Liz came up with the idea to add a simple painted backing to the panels. So we started talking to possible teachers… We wrote a letter to Valspar inviting them to donate the needed paint… We talked to Faysal at Seward Market, and his manager, Jamal. We also wanted to find a way to make more opportunities for the community at large to have a literal hand in helping make the mural. Thus the idea of community painting days was born.

So! The painting group (also made up of neighborhood teens) starts Monday. We still have room for three more to join – contact Deb right away if interested. / 612.729.5151 Here’s the timeline for that group:

Workshop #1 : Mon. 6/13, 5-7pm
Workshop #2 : Mon. 6/20, 5-7pm
Workshop #3 : Mon. 6/27, 5-7pm
Painting over three days between July 6th and the 24th (3-5 hours at a time)

The painting days are open to the community. Dates/times are going to be determined very soon. If you’re interested, please give us a call and we’ll make sure you get a special invite.

Also… Articulture is looking to borrow ten 6′-12′ tall ladders. If you would like to loan us your ladder, that would be an amazing way to help support the project. Just give us a call at 612.729.5151.


June 8th : Photography Sampling

Along the side of the page here you can see examples of some photographs that were taken, and some variations on arrangements. The first round of photos responded to the question, “What is community”? Week Two’s photos will be taken along Franklin Ave. specifically.

Other photos currently up depict the painting mural Articulture did in 2009 on the side of our own building. Several teens in the current project worked on that mural as well. It’s been fun for us to reconnect and see how everyone has grown! Sasha Zavyalova, for example, worked on the 2009 mural as a teenager. Two years later, she’s leading the painting group with Lucy Voller. Sasha is going to New York next week to look at colleges. We couldn’t be more proud to be working with her on this project!


June 7th : Workshops and Thank Yous…

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks. The first workshop was a happy reunion for several of the mural artists who had previously worked on the painted mural on the side of Articulture (from 2009). (Which reminds us – MPR is doing a podcast special on murals in Minneapolis and our painted mural will be featured! When the Seward Market mural is complete they want to hear the details about that as well!) We spent much of the first workshop discussing, “what is community?” This will be the primary question we address in the design.

Milio’s made a great sandwich spread for the first workshop, and now that we’ve just completed our second… We have to thank Tracy’s for the delicious wraps and hashbrowns they sent over. Art feeds the soul, but food feeds the body and we were so grateful for support in the form of nutritious meal tonight.

Today’s workshop – the second – we looked at our first round of photos, responding to the question ” what is community”. We’ll post some soon on Facebook to let you in on what we’re looking at. We have some startling talents in the group. This is going to be a surprising, amazing mural. We also talked to Faysal Warfra from Seward Market today – about the shooting, Seward neighborhood’s response, and bout the shock of the shooting. It was a powerful reminder of the catalyst for this project.

Another special thanks needs to go out to Network Medics, Inc. for loaning the project their projector. Talmud Torah School of St. Paul also loaned us two digital cameras for the project. Digital photography is an amazing medium, but it’s harder to buy/borrow expensive equipment than it is to scrounge up any of the other scraps and recycled materials that we normally use at Articulture for other kinds of projects.

Next Monday (the 13th from 5-7pm at Articulture) the painting group begins thinking about how we’ll paint the wall before we install the mural panels. We still have room for 3 more teens to participate in this mural at the design level. Anyone interested in joining should call or email Deb ASAP! 612.729.5151 /


May 28th: Lighting

We have some promising news to share… Thanks to some good thinking and fast acting on Megan Sheridan’s part (she’s a Project Manager at Seward Redesign), along with Faysal Warfra (Owner of Seward Market) and the City of Minneapolis’ Facade Improvement Grant Program… Our project is being considered for additional funding to add lighting! Please keep your fingers crossed!


May 27th: Support comes in many forms…

The photography mural is a serious community response to the 2010 shooting. Seward neighborhood is an amazing and beautiful place to live. We do not tolerate violence and we have a strong sense of identity and community. One of our teachers, Jennifer Larson, has been chronicling this really well on her photo blog (click here to check it out). It is our hope to include as many people in the project as possible. One way we’ve invited some local businesses to support the efforts of the mural artists is by feeding them!

The photography group – remember they’re growing teens! – meets from 4:30-6pm on Tuesdays, right about the time they’re going to get hungry for dinner. Milio’s is generously putting together a couple platters of sandwiches and cookies to feed and fuel everyone for the first week of the project on Tue., May 31st.

We’ll also have another group of teens responsible for painting the wall before we install the mural panels, that will be meeting one night a week during the same time. Anyone who would like to support the project by taking a week can contact Deb at / 612.729.5151. Usually we’re looking at somewhere around 13 people. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just nourishing, and we would love to acknowledge the gift here, on our Facebook page, and at the public events.


May 25th : WEST PHOTO and more…

We are in love with West Photo. They just made a show of support for the project by donating a camera. Thank you, West Photo! And hurray for local businesses supporting each other!

In other news… Our teachers are getting together tonight to put the final touches on planning the photography workshops, and to start planning dates for community painting days, open houses, etc. The first day of the project is next week on Tuesday, May 31st. This project has been so long in the making – we’re incredibly excited to get started.

Anyone interested in getting involved should send Deb an email ( There’s plenty of work to go around, and we could even add you to a mailing list to remind you about the painting days, open house and unveiling event. We are still looking for ladders (about 13′ tall or so), cameras, to borrow a projector, and food donations for the weekly workshops. Again, email Deb if you can respond to any of those needs.



As the start date for the project nears, everything is coming together! We are assembling the most remarkable group of teens and adults to make this mural happen. We felt it was past time to post that information here –

The Group: Leading the teen artists in designing the mural are local photographers Jennifer Larson and Mohamud Mumin. Providing programming/education support and logistics coordination are (respectively): Articulture’s Executive Director, Liz Greenbaum, and Admin Coordinator, Deb Ervin. Recent additions to the team include: Eddie Hamilton (Graphic Design), Lindsay Saladino (teaching intern), Sasha Zavyalova and Lucy Voller (co-leading a painting subcommittee), and Helene Seymour and Rachel Nicolay (providing painting subcommittee support).

Interested parties should definitely contact Deb – there’s still room for teens to join the core photography group, and lots of opportunities for adults to get involved.

Good news: Just this morning, Valspar responded to our request for a paint donation. We’ve decided to paint a very simple design on the wall before we install the aluminum panels with our photo collage. We are so grateful and delighted.

The Lake St. Target also gave us a lovely gift certificate to use towards cameras or other tech needs. Thank you, Lake St. Target!

Current needs: We’re still looking for digital camera donations (6 mega pixel or more), to loan a projector, and now that we’ve decided to paint the wall – we need ladders! Please contact Deb if you’re interested in donating/loaning any of those things to the project. We’re also reaching out to local businesses to feed the hard working teens during the Tuesday night workshops, over the course of the six week project. Anyone interested in supporting the project by providing food for a workshop would be much appreciated.

Community Days: Dates and times are still TBA. But we’ve decided to schedule an open house and some community painting days in late June/early July. Anyone and everyone will be welcome to stop by, talk to the artists and get a sneak peak of the final designs, as well as help paint if they’re so inclined. Anyone interested in being on an e-mail list to receive a personal notice of these days should let Deb know by shooting her an email at



The mural project has a need for a community minded individual, who could help facilitate open studio hours, set up for the weekly classes, be an escort for teens coming from the Seward Towers, and other support tasks that arise during the project. Women, in particular, might be helpful, but anyone interested is encouraged to contact Deb (612.729.5151 /

This would be a great job for someone who likes art, working in groups, is interested in teaching and community.

The time commitment is flexible (could be 2-6 hours a week, depending on availability), but we are hoping to have someone join us for the entire seven week project.


April 20th post: TECHNOLOGY NEEDS

We are still looking for cameras. All in all, we’re hoping to get 15 digital, point and shoot, 6 mega pixel or more, cameras.
We need flashdrives.
We are also on the prowl for a kind hearted individual/company with a projector they’d be willing to loan us for a couple hours each week of the project in May / June.

Anyone who can help meet any of these needs – please contact Deb (612.729.5151 / Thank you!



Thinking about applying but running short on time? Give us a call / send us an e-mail today – we’ll continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until May.

Teens who are interested should contact Deb Ervin for more information and to apply: or 612.729.5151. _______________________________________________


An experienced graphic designer interested in supporting the project could be a BIG BIG help in June. It will be a 2-3 week commitment. Please call or e-mail Deb if interested. 612.729.5151 /



We are looking for teens, ages 14 to 19—interested in community, art, photography and a creative challenge! The timeline will be weekly late afternoon meetings and creative studio work mid-May to early July. We are excited to have two local photographers, Mohamud Mumin and Jennifer Larson, who both have past experience as instructors and youth organizers.

Teens who are interested should contact Deb Ervin for more information and to apply: or 612.729.5151. Application deadline is April 15.



Articulture is in need of cameras to help facilitate this project. We are looking for 15 point and shoot digital cameras—must be 6 mega pixel or more.

Deadline: May 5
Contact: or 612.729.5151
Contributions qualify as tax-deductible donations.