Feb 18

Boom! They're up!

Spring schedule - classes and workshops for all ages - are here. Spring session begins early April.

Summer camp info for kids going into PreK-high school this fall is on the camp page here. AND!!! This year we have an online registration form. We still don't accept payment through the site, BUT. You can now fill out a handy dandy form WHENEVER YOU WANT! We'll follow up for payment during business hours.

Download a PDF with both the spring class and summer camp schedules here.

Feb 2

Last year ArtiCulture was awarded an MRAC Arts Learning grant to bring visual arts programming to seven local Minneapolis public schools over the 2014-2015 school year. With this grant, we've been able to lead 5-week classes throughout the school year at each of the following schools: Dowling, Seward, Hale, Bancroft, Northrup, Lake Nokomis Keewaydin, and Lake Nokomis Wenonah.

The neighborhoods and communities where these schools reside are generally not affluent. Economic struggles in schools and academic testing have caused many to cut out programming "extras" such as the arts. While schools feel financially strained and often pressured to teach towards testing, the arts curriculum we offer is a necessity in lieu of such academic constraints. Our programming, which emphasizes the creative process over product, is designed to develop inspired learners and to encourage advanced reasoning skills by giving students creative freedom through guided exploration.

We invite you learn more about our work in this vein here on our website.

Dec 18

Each summer from June through the end of August, interns have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professional artists in an educational setting by assiting them in weeklong summer camps for kids going into preK-grade 6.

Interns will gain first-hand knowledge of teaching philosophies and curriculum development, while getting valuable experience in a non-profit arts setting. This is a paid intership. Applicants holding (or working on) art degrees are preferred. Experience working with children a plus.

Complete information and an online application are on the internship page. Check it out and apply today!

Oct 2

The following changes have been made to the fall schedule:


  • Drawing and Painting : This 10 week class will now start one week later and run from 10/20-12/22.
  • Creative Self : This 6 week class will now start one week later and run 10/22-11/26.


  • Fashion Design : This 8 week class will now start one week later and run from 10/28-12/16

School Age Children

  • Incredible Comics : This 10 week class will now last 9 weeks and start one week later, running 10/16-12/18. An additional class, or additional class time, will be determined on the first day of class.


  • Art Sprouts, Wee Grow, and Art Together : All toddler classes are 8 weeks, and will now start one week later, running from 10/18-12/13.
Jun 11

The following changes have been made to the spring schedule:


  • Drawing and Painting : This 6 week class will now start one week later and run from 6/23-7/28.
  • Creative Self : This 6 week class will now start one week later and run from 6/26-8/7.


1 Mar

Friends and Community Members -

Over the past year ArtiCulture has been working with a group of Minneapolis teens on a public art photo-project. A community event is being hosted at ArtiCulture and we wanted to send an open invitation to those interested in the topic of hunger in our affluent society and and access.

Details are below. Please share if you have a bulletin board for community happenings and freel free to pass the invite around your online social networks.




Inside Out details:


On Sunday, March 1st from 5 - 8 pm, ArtiCulture is hosting a FriendRaiser (an open community event) as part of a teen-driven photo project that intends to spark dialogue and inspiration in our Twin Cities community. 

Our dream is to inspire our Minneapolis community with up close and personal photos of people dealing with scarcity of food and/or shelter.

By asking questions related to this subject, we want to discover what people want to share in their community. What do they really care about? Is it access to healthy food, affordable housing, and /or quality education? What do YOU want to picture happening in the community? The beauty of this art is that it lives in interactions. The purpose of this project is to capture what matters to you, to our community in Minneapolis.


Here in Minneapolis, we want to inspire that fact—a picture can change a perspective: 

“The beauty of an art project is that you cannot always measure the impact, but one day it can be clear.”

–JR (French Photographer, Founder of Inside Out Project)


We want to encourage a broad spectrum of people to participate in the discussion and photo project. 

Please feel free to invite others -- especially if you have an artistic teen in your life!


Check out these links to get a more thorough picture of our project:

Facebook Inside Out Minneapolis

JR Ted Talk--Originating Inside Out

RSVP for the event:



9 May

Once a quarter we offer our class studio space to the community for free. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, this time we'll be making Mother's and Father's Day Cards and Paper Gifts! Join us and have fun being creative! All ages welcome and no registration required. The Free Studio Art workshop will go from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

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