Jun 24

There's lots of ways to support ArtiCulture. You can donate money, become a member, volunteer, and donate material items like art supplies and... Vacuums?

Yup. You read that right! Vacuums. Or one, anyway. Our faithful Saver's vacuum gave us a good year before tapping out last week, and we need to replace it. If you're upgrading, we'd gratefully accept your gently used older one. Give us a call at 612.729.5151 if you can help us out!

If you're more about donating art supplies or volunteering, you can take a peek at our Support page for more information. We'll be happy to take your help in any form you're excited to give it!

Jun 11

The following changes have been made to the spring schedule:


  • Drawing and Painting : This 6 week class will now start one week later and run from 6/23-7/28.
  • Creative Self : This 6 week class will now start one week later and run from 6/26-8/7.
May 20

New to ArtiCulture  - we're excited to introduce you to...

Holly Grimsrud. Read about her here. Holly will be teaching the childrens camps Patterns & Illusions, Printing Party, Reigning Cats & Dogs, the teen camp Passionate Artist, and the adult classes Summer in the City, and Creative Self.

Kim Gillespie. Read about her here. Kim will be teaching the childrens camps Nature's Garden, Architectural Design!

Terez Iacovino. Read about her here. Terez (say it like "to-raise the roof!") will be teaching Enriching Cultures, and Theater Production!

Mar 12

Our summer fliers are coming and we need YOUR help!

Volunteers distribute our fliers to the schools and business of South Minneapolis (and a little St. Paul) four times a year. It's our most effective means of advertising our classes.

If you have a car, daytime availability, and wanna make a big difference, the next delivery round is the week of April 21st. Pickup is in the morning ~ we provide maps and addresses. This is an excellent opportunity for pairs and groups of people - we need six generous folks minimum.

Interested? Fill out an online volunteer application and we'll reply toute de suite!

Interested in connecting or volunteering a different way? Check out our volunteer page for more information and options, or drop us a line at

Feb 27

ArtiCulture and Our Saviour’s Housing have partnered to create a series of visual art classes for emergency shelter residents experiencing homelessness. The program actually began in fall 2013, with the support of a $25,000 Partners in Arts Participation grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Instructors Abbey Kleinert and Kyra Schugt have been leading four-week session classes where participants get to experience in-depth, high quality arts education.

Toni, a resident in permanent supportive housing, described the activities as challenging her to dig deep and really get in touch with herself. She explained, “When you’re homeless, you lose your sense of self; you lose possessions, home, family, and your identity." More about the project on our Art in the Community page...


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